Our Bushtec tent and sleeping bags have been sponsored by Canvas and Tent 

Bushtec Adventure will be there for the ride, please contact us for all your camping requirements.

Bushtec Adventure - a canvas and tent company.

012-671 1101

 Pledges for Distance covered

Mr and Mrs Richard Aubry have pledge 1 CAD cent (Canadian Cent) for every kilometer that we cycle to be given to the Chaeli Campaign on our arrival in Paris.

 They bought that wonderfull magnet ----------------->

Julie Francis, Fanny Lasvaux, Guillaume Schoeffel,

Per kilometre sponsorships

Mr Gerald Wallette - 3844km (25 may 2010)      Mr Gilles Renault - 500km (22 may 2010)

Mrs Valérie Colin - 100 km ( 2 july 2010)

Mr P Petit - 150km (01 feb 2010)

Mr L Moegamat - 1000km (28 jan 2010)

Mrs J Gibson - 200km (23 jan 2010)

Getting lost along the way...

Mme Alida Dupont 

(20 jan 2010)

Mrs Liezl-Mia Ludick 

(03 feb 2010)


Miss Johanne Dupont

(30 jun 10)


Mrs Kathryn Mathers and Mr Jehangir Malegam

 (17 feb 2010)


Mr Jean Haas (21 may 2010)

Wheelchair Sponsors 

Mr Oliver Martens (08 feb 2010)


Mrs Julie and Mr Hervé Nédellec 

(03 jun 2010)


Mr Philippe Dupont 

(12 feb 2010)


Mrs and Mr Guilhem Ducléon

(15 jun10)


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