To make a difference...

Every human being has the right to Life.  The right to Live Life and not to simply Exist.  

We are young and have the ability to do a lot for ourselves; we now want to do more for those who are less fortunate.  Many people believe that less fortunate means having less money, but we, like the Chaeli Campaign, believe that being fortunate means being cared for.

Charlene Dickson and Jeremie Dupont are leaving Cape Town (South Africa) on the 1st of October 2010 for 22000km of unassisted, unsupported, un-motorized travel to Paris (France)!

Why a trans-Africa bicycle tour of 22,000km? Most people will chose to cross Africa using an aeroplane. Riding bicycles from Cape Town, South Africa, to Paris, France, is simply a different way to travel. We are raising awareness towards the fact that having a handicap means that you can still reach your goals, if you pursue them in a different way.

We have aligned our efforts with those of the Chaeli Campaign because we believe that we are striving for the same ideal. Read more about the Chaeli Campaign and Please DONATE to support children who are differently-abled.

Converting our Wheel Power into Will Power!!

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Great Expectations...

We are looking forward to sharing with you, the sights of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the Pyramids of Egypt, Gorillas in Uganda and the sunken churches in Ethiopia. These are but a few of the places we intend on seeing. Listing them all here would make reading this quite dull. We hope that you will instead visit them with us, even if only in cyberspace, by following the blogs that will accompany the exciting photographs we will post in the galleries.


Amazing adventures... 

We will be doing 22000km on our own in one year. We will have to ride on average 64km per day. So what do we do with our week ends and spare time? We ride bicycles! We live in Cape Town and as the months advance and the departure date gets closer, those of you who live around here will see us more and more on the road.

We're going to have to learn First Aid. If one of us gets hurt, the other will have to know what to do! We're learning bicycle maintenance. Although I'm considering leaving this to Charlene.. Then if my bike breaks on the way up, I can play the clueless card and get some well deserved rest while she fixes it :)

And there will be...

Ugly bugs. Neither of us is scared of spiders or scorpions but we both know that they are to be respected.




Bad roads, broken bridges and other obstacles. These will just delay our trip, and obviously, make us pedal for longer. Many places we go through will be in the height of rainy season, perhaps we should take a boat...

 Really bad weather. We are packing rain jackets for the occasion but we'll still have to ride in it. Storms are beautiful to many of us in the comfort of our homes... we will get to experience it in the comfort, and sometimes discomfort of our tent! But the views no doubt will be astounding......!

Wild animals. We're hoping to see some, no doubt we will not see a few that will see us! We're just hoping that the carnivores will not find us too appetizing.... Although several hundred kilometres of cycling through places where water is a premium resource will help us develop a natural repellent. And if that doesn't work, we'll have pepper spray!

Of course we expect a few mechanical issues .....

I'll stop here and suggest that you rather take a look at our blog page and even subscribe to it and discover Africa as we discover it.

Where there is incentive to achieve, in power of heart we must believe

For there is honour in sighted goal, with depth of courage and earnest soul

When challenge threatens strength to devour, hold fast with hope to your Will Power.

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