The Argus... which will be the first big race I will do when I get back, after 22000km I think that 100km's odd will be alot easier.... well...I was rather disappointed that I was the only person in the supporters who was dressed up... I would have thought, and certainly hoped, that there would be more flamboyance in the crowd. Alas..

I decided to sport the purple colour of hope and go a little crazy with face paint, which then extended to the whole bottom 2 thirds of both legs and then my hair!! Sporting 3 purple helium balloons on ribbons I walked through town down to Green Point and needless to say, attracted many a comment, my god... and "she's nuts" picked up in the almost inaudible mutterings!

Some kids thought I was walking town to give balloons away and do face painting and crowded me on a corner to have their faces done for a balloon.  I felt a little bad but no the balloons were to cheer Jérémie in (me thinking at that stage I would not stand out)..So by the time I got there, battling the wind and almost losing my balloons several times, I found a good spot and cheered the Chaeli riders in one by one.  As the sun rose and started to bake the balloons, they also started to pop, one by one... and still no Jérémie...

Literally 10 minutes before he rode in, the last one popped... aaarrrggh!!!Needless to say, he saw the purple person that he heard screeeeeching from just before the finish line and I think that the legs made a difference!!  In two years time I hope that some of our fans will come and support us in purple!!! I really cannot wait!