Obtaining a renewed Zimbabwean passport has been extremely challenging.  Mentally, emotionally, and financially.  It started with enquiries last year to the consulate in Joburg (there is no office here in Cape Town anymore). 

The trouble is that my ID was stolen out of my bag at the Joburg airport in 2004 (along with a few other items which is a headache I still dread to deal with).  It is only possible to apply for a new ID in Zimbabwe, you cannot do it from here.  You cannot apply for a new passport without your ID, not only the copies but the original as well..

So, I have a very expensive ID, which I am considering insuring, it cost R5000 to get.  No kidding.  R5000.
My passport application alone has clocked a good amount too (which is rising but sitting on practically the same).  I will be a walking valuable by virtue of my very identification and travel documents by October.

Do I raise my life cover by a proportional amount?!!

I have to mention a few people who have played an important role in assisting me with their advice, stood by me and encouraged me and when I needed it, given me a good talking to when that was also called for!  Barbara (The Next Great Lady of my Homeland), Suleiman (The Kindest and Most Helpful), Ash (Insufferable Friend), Jérémie (The Rock), Nicole (The Patient). 

I now await the South African Dept of Home Affairs to officially tell me I do not hold citizenship to pacify the last requirement from the Zimbabwean passport authority.  ( I hope....)

To be continued......