Every exciting journey begins with a little bit of fear and alot of courage, a little bit of madness and alot of caution (or is the other way around?!). 
Most of us spend our whole lives trying to figure out how to find the pot at the end of the rainbow, well the idea of creating our own rainbow sounds alot more exciting and certainly more rewarding!!  Herein lies our challenge...
A little over a week ago the first baby steps were taken in this great endeavour, starting with a few scribbles of ideas (yes like a doormouse I still have them and will probably have them until the paper turns yellow ;) ).  Today we have achieved our first few approaches, mustered a smattering of support, been called everything from nuts to brave, some people chose just not to comment but to exchange worried looks that said it all..... "I hope the psychosis is not contagious" and then there were those who are looking at us with increasing admiration bordering on reverence.... this now of course is a great boost!!!
The point is, set your mind to something and you will get there, keep your eye on the ball, start with those doodles and find the passion which lies in every one of us.  The rest just flows....!!!!!!!  
Thank you to everyone who has been such an inspiration to us in such a short space of time.

here is to success

the plymouth in the picture never thought i am sure in his wildest dreams that he would grow up to be the cannondale he is today :)

happy following!!!!