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'Hope in Motion' and the Chaeli Campaign logo

February 2, 2010
'Hope in Motion' and the Chaeli Campaign logo


The Chaeli Campaign logo, being the graphical little "Hope" who although being

a fictitious character, is the inspiration beind the concept of how the

perception of a child with a disability is "less than able" or "unable" to

function and be treated as a "normal child".  The cartoon strip which has been

developed illustrates in a light-hearted manner, the real-life experiences of

many differently-abled children in their interaction with people who are not

adequately informed about disability and therefore dont know how to deal with

or treat people they meet who are disabled.

Hope is a little girl with her signature 5 dreadlocks, she represents the

dynamic and effervescent nature of so many differently-abled children, if only

we would open our eyes and hearts and really LOOK.

If you look at the actual picture there are a few things that immediately come

to mind, namely:

 - The Dynamic nature of differently-abled children to achieve, once they have

the means the possibilities are limitless

 - The Courage to persevere, many disabilities mean that children need the

assistance of wheelchairs, yet, just like Chaeli zooms around in her

Chaelimobile, the sheer deftness with which they manoeuvre themselves around,

makes you realize how much you can accomplish given the tools to do so.

 - Once empowered, children with disabilities can live quality lives at the

speed of their spirits, and this, if it could be visualized, would somehow

look alot like the motion of the ribbons trailing out behind Hope.  The

difficulties in life, blowing in the wind, while anything is made possible!



Chaeli, Zelda and The Chaeli Cottage

January 29, 2010

Yesterday afternoon Jérémie and I went to visit The Chaeli Cottage, (his

second visit and my first). Talking to Zelda was nothing short of captivating.

 Seeing the real Chaeli smile... well I am yet to find the words to adequately

describe it... For someone who has been faced her whole life with the

challenges (but moreso the blessings I think) of being a child with a

disability, she is the personification of courage and ability.  I have a new

understanding of why children with d...

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... off to cycle again :)

January 11, 2010

off to ride my bicycle.....  Cape Town has one distinct feature - The Mountain!!  Yes you guessed right.  It either makes you or breaks you... I have 262 days to beat the mountain!  The first couple of times you wonder who sneaked that new muscle in my leg, I swear that was not there before, not because it is growing fit but because it is threatening to cry foul to the pain police!  After a while though, not too long a while I might add, it lost its pitiful voice, to be replaced by silent det...

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First Vaccinations

January 11, 2010
The excitement levels have been high during the intial planning, but going to get vaccinated kicked things into another gear.  Every little step forward serves only, it seems, to make me check the countdown, so eager to get to the 1st of October!  But the preparation is everything, no successful project ever had holes in the planning stage [uh, pardon the pun :) ] 262 days.......

Four lots of perforations later, scintilating conversation with a nurse who thought we were very brave [she chose ...
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The Journey Begins!!!

January 7, 2010

Every exciting journey begins with a little bit of fear and alot of courage, a little bit of madness and alot of caution (or is the other way around?!). 
Most of us spend our whole lives trying to figure out how to find the pot at the end of the rainbow, well the idea of creating our own rainbow sounds alot more exciting and certainly more rewarding!!  Herein lies our challenge...
A little over a week ago the first baby steps were taken in this great endeavour, starting with a few scribbles o...

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