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A lesson in humility

Posted by Jeremie on Monday, February 22, 2010,
Last week end was the Due South XTerra 2010 in Grabouw. For those who don't know what it is; it is a tough off-road triathlon. It starts a 11AM in the morning. That, already, is a strong selling point for me. Most triathlons start late; Usually around 9AM; Much better than running events which force you to be up, awake, and in shorts in the street before the sun comes up. Aside from the obvious lazy appeal of the 11AM start, it also guarantees warm water to swim in. And my swim was a good one...
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Beware the evil curse of flat tyres!

Posted by CharlĂȘne on Wednesday, February 10, 2010,


This past weekend we went to Robertson and of course our regular midday ride

promised as much sweat as ever with the temperature 34+ - if you want to learn

how to deal with African sun, Robertson is really a good way to acclimatise!

We set off around 12:30, making our way through the little streets.  This

little town has more churches in it than some larger cities! ( is this

diversity or is it disagreement?) The little town of Robertson is alot of fun

to ride around in, the vie...

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'Hope in Motion' and the Chaeli Campaign logo

Posted by CharlĂȘne on Tuesday, February 2, 2010,


The Chaeli Campaign logo, being the graphical little "Hope" who although being

a fictitious character, is the inspiration beind the concept of how the

perception of a child with a disability is "less than able" or "unable" to

function and be treated as a "normal child".  The cartoon strip which has been

developed illustrates in a light-hearted manner, the real-life experiences of

many differently-abled children in their interaction with people who are not

adequately informed ab...

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