The Chaeli Campaign logo, being the graphical little "Hope" who although being

a fictitious character, is the inspiration beind the concept of how the

perception of a child with a disability is "less than able" or "unable" to

function and be treated as a "normal child".  The cartoon strip which has been

developed illustrates in a light-hearted manner, the real-life experiences of

many differently-abled children in their interaction with people who are not

adequately informed about disability and therefore dont know how to deal with

or treat people they meet who are disabled.

Hope is a little girl with her signature 5 dreadlocks, she represents the

dynamic and effervescent nature of so many differently-abled children, if only

we would open our eyes and hearts and really LOOK.

If you look at the actual picture there are a few things that immediately come

to mind, namely:

 - The Dynamic nature of differently-abled children to achieve, once they have

the means the possibilities are limitless

 - The Courage to persevere, many disabilities mean that children need the

assistance of wheelchairs, yet, just like Chaeli zooms around in her

Chaelimobile, the sheer deftness with which they manoeuvre themselves around,

makes you realize how much you can accomplish given the tools to do so.

 - Once empowered, children with disabilities can live quality lives at the

speed of their spirits, and this, if it could be visualized, would somehow

look alot like the motion of the ribbons trailing out behind Hope.  The

difficulties in life, blowing in the wind, while anything is made possible!